Revolving doors
Revolving doors

Talos revolving doors offer optimum thermal insulation for entrance areas thanks to their design.
Revolving doors can be equipped with a wide range of features to meet customer requirements: emergency exit function, integration of manual or motorised night shutters and much more.

By choosing the relevant features Talos revolving doors can be made to comply with various security standards (breaking and entering, fire, etc...). Side swing or sliding doors in conjunction with revolving doors can provide access for people with reduced mobility and for the transportation of goods.

Special feature of Talos revolving doors

The T-56 column with collapsible wings is an approved emergency exit solution which allows unhindered escape and rescue routes during an emergency.

Advantages of Talos revolving doors

  • excellent thermal insulation
  • customised design
  • solutions for emergency escape routes
  • stylish all-glass versions
  • large-scale units for airports, shopping malls, etc

Where Talos revolving doors can be put to good use:

  • hotels
  • office and administrative buildings
  • shopping malls
  • airports
  • stations
  • hospitals
  • banks and financial institutions
  • museums
  • concert halls