Full-height Turnstiles and full-height gates
Full-height Turnstiles and full-height gates

Robust turnstiles from the Kentaur range are ideal for securing outside areas. In conjunction with card readers they can be used to control access reliably without the need for personnel, ensuring controlled passage of individuals from one side to the other in the permitted direction.

Versions available with two, three or four wings in a variety of design options.

Special feature of Kentaur turnstiles

Thanks to our patented end-point locking system it is impossible for anyone to be trapped in the turnstile during a power failure or attempted unauthorised access.

Advantages of Kentaur turnstiles

  • patented end-point locking system prevents being locked in
  • versions with integrated bike gate, swing door for the transit of goods, emergency escape function or WK2 resistance category
  • modular system: a variety of turnstile bars, roof elements and side panels in different materials and designs can be combined
  • turnstile column and bars made of stainless steel
  • speed of rotation changes to match that of person entering
  • low energy drive system