Access Control - Mechanical & Electronic Locks

Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Lock Solutions

Mechanical Pushbutton Locks

Kaba’s Simplex® Mechanical Pushbutton Locks offer a simple and convenient way to control access. There are no keys or cards to manage, computers to program, or batteries to replace. In addition, combinations change-out in seconds without removing the lock from the door.

E-Plex Electronic Access Control Solutions

Electronic Locks

Kaba’s E-Plex® Family of Electronic Locks delivers a broad range of flexible access control solutions. These products vary from simple stand-alone PIN and/or Card Access locks to more advanced that require software for managing many users and doors. Feature options include wireless, access schedules, lockdown, audit trail, and many more.

Kaba PowerPlex Self-Powered Lock Solutions

Self-Powered Electronic Locks

PowerPlex locks are self-powered electronic locks that do not require batteries or other external power sources. The lock generates its own power with every turn of the lever, making it the perfect solution for small to mid-sized facilities, rarely visited remote locations, retail "Employees Only" areas and military facilities, just to name a few.